We are part of your community. Our employees are proud to be your neighbors and are committed to serving you with the best local news, weather and sports. From severe weather warnings to your favorite shows, we’re thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your family.



Local TV stations are local businesses. Our viewers are our local customers. As a local business, we are proud to create good jobs, support local charities, and work with local companies…to help grow their business. Like many businesses, we need to work with partners to reach our ultimate customer: you.

In order for our station to deliver our content and services to you, we need to reach deals with the national cable and satellite companies that bring our signal to your home. Local news and weather require a significant investment to produce and we’re paying the networks significantly more for programming and sports. Spectrum repackages our signal with other services and sells that back to you at a profit.

Spectrum gets a lot of value from carrying highly watched local channels to their customers. In return, we ask Spectrum to pay us a fair market rate for the right to carry our signal. The price we ask is determined by the marketplace and in the vast majority of cases, these negotiations are settled in a business-like fashion and you are never bothered with the details.



Our commitment to you is that we will always do our best to reach fair, market-based deals. We never want our viewers to experience a disruption or even the threat of a disruption.  We will always do our part to keep you informed and make sure you know all your choices.

By standing together for a thriving local broadcast industry operating in a fair marketplace, everyone can win –  most importantly you, the viewers we have committed to serve.


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